Retribution - Book One of The Immortal Saviors Series
2012 NaNoWriMo Project

In a world where most of the population was annihilated by a deadly virus, a young woman must choose between love and survival, her future or that of her race, as she prepares to face her vampyre coven leader – and fiance – after discovering the truth behind the virus’s creation. 

Destiny Awakened - Book One of the Eternal Destiny Trilogy
90% polished - ready for partial submission

Vampyres are nothing new for paranormal author Avalyn Albright. But when one appears in her home office one night, she discovers these fantastical creatures are not only real, but their just as mysterious and brooding and sexy as the creatures in her books. 

But this vampyre, Ambrose D'Aubney, hasn't come to her for kicks, and what he offers her isn't exactly what every woman dreams of...not unless they dream of being a prophesized Foreseer whose destiny is to bring freedom to the creatures of the world from a group of Original creatures who make it their business to see, know and control all preternatural beings on the planet. 

Now, Avalyn must choose between love, survival in the shadows with Ambrose and his family, or a life in the light fulfilling her destiny with the promise of freedom for all creatures.

Destiny's Resistance - Book Two of the Eternal Destiny Trilogy
Fist draft completed. Currently waiting for first pass edits.

Destiny Fulfilled - Book Three of the Eternal Destiny Trilogy
In the midst of the plotting phase. 

La Voisin's Revenge
In the midst of the plotting phase

Isis Moreau, the powerful two-thirds in the last of the Moreau legacy, ran from a past ravaged with power-hungry individuals and betrayal into the arms of a strong, worldly and intelligent vampire. When part of her past appears in Beaufort, NC shortly after the discovery of The Queen Anne's Revenge - Blackbeard's ship - an ancient grimoire is left in Isis’s capable and trusting hands, opening a window to the ghosts of her past. Including the unfriendly coven she left abandoned. 

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