About Me

Who the heck am I?

So....do I start this with my stats like a basketball player? OKAY! Nah.

I am an avid reader and hard-core lover of books (mostly Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy), music, movies, and the occassional awesome TV show (Fringe, House, The Vampire Diaries, Real Housewives or So You Think You Can Dance anyone?)

In regards to music, I can only say this: Music is a universal language that brings people at opposite ends of a spectrum together. I could not survive a day in this life without it! I listen to a little bit of everything, although my core is rock: Muse, Paramore, 30 Seconds to Mars, and way too many more to really name right now without you getting bored.

Mooooving on......

While I have been devouring books my entire life, truly writing them began sometime in high school. I had actually dabbled with writing a little in middle school and the feeling I got when I wrote grew from there, but I truly began around the age of fifteen. Together, my best friend & I wrote about 3 complete novels (by hand). We would hand-off our black 3-ring binder in between classes, read what the other wrote, then add on where the other left off - this was during class when we should've been learning. I didn't pick up a pen again after graduating high school until about eight years ago. This was when I completed my first MS...followed by another, then another <-- all still tucked away in a drawer, waiting for me to revisit them one day.

As the years have passed, my creativity and love of writing have continued to cloud my mind. Recently, I had a huge jolt of inspiration when I read A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. Deborah's world building, flow, characters, words, and plot got the gears in my brain working some serious overtime.

So here I am with another completed novel - edited and one draft away from being completely polished and query-ready. <--- This is the process that I love most when it comes to writing a novel.  Yes, the creation is magical and fun, but getting to tweak and rewrite and edit those words?  That's a lot of fun - nothing is more exciting than when a scene finally flows and moves the reader.

If I'm not tapping away on my laptop or lost in a book, I'm spending time with my wonderful husband, family and friends - watching movies, playing Rock Band, and engaging in endless conversations that keep us up all night (just to name a few activities).

The purpose of this blog is to put my voice out there. There are days when I really do have something to say - be it a Muse, Rant or Rave (and I promise that the rants will be few and far between).

My overall goal: share my writing journey, my favorite blogs, reads, music and movies, make some new friends, and above all: Have Some Fun!

Happy Reading Everyone!!!
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