Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What's Your Biggest Obstacle?

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Last week I was approached by the lovely Charissa Weaks to join in on some writing fun - er, yeah, we'll go with *fun* - and talk about the biggest obstacle I've faced as a writer. Of course I was excited to oblige, Charissa's an all-around awesome person (who I can't wait to meet in person one day), and hey, let's face it, I'm a writer, and I've definitely had struggles. :)

When it came down to decided which was my biggest, I actually had to make a list, then score each obstacle to find which I'd consider my biggest. And, well, this should come as no surprise - since I've addressed it here and here and here on the blog before - but my biggest obstacle would be time management.

This is something I believe many of us face throughout our writing careers. Something we each struggle with from time to time, especially in those moments where we're up against a deadline and things just seem to fall apart at home. Something we should have a constant reminder of before it's too late and we end up burning ourselves out from trying be everything to everyone.

While I do have a few other obstacles that I've faced, and continue to face, as an author, but since Charissa asked for my "biggest" obstacle, I definitely had to go with time management. But if she'd asked for a quick list of what I felt my obstacles were, well ... let's just say there'd be quite a few. ;)

Charissa's put together a great post where she's asked many other authors - such as Jami Gold, Angela Ackerman, and Misty D. Waters - to talk about the struggles they've faced in their writing lives.

Please head over to Charissa's blog, have a read, and join the conversation! Tell us what obstacles you've faced and how you've dealt with the hurdle.

See you there! :)
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