Monday, July 18, 2011

Song of the Week: Hero by Skillet


The ‘Song of the Week’ posts are moving to Mondays!! What better way to start off the week than with a rockin’ or thought-provoking tune, eh?

Music and writing go hand in hand. Soooooo, it’s needless to say that when you discover the perfect song for a scene, or for the entire MS, you never tire of it. Case in point: this week’s song was on loop for about 4 hours on Sunday during edits (another 4 chapters, I might add!).

Hero by Skillet is the perfect song for quite a few chapters of my current WIP, and another song by Skillet, Awake and Alive, is its theme song (literally, I was in tears while I listened to Awake and Alive….it was that perfect).

Other than the fact that this band is just absolutely awesome, and the video is amazing, the female drummer, Jen Ledger, ROCKS!

Hope you enjoy listening to Hero as much as I do!


I absolutely love finding new tunes to add to my writing playlist, so I have two questions for you:

What songs/albums/soundtracks do you listen to while writing, editing, or reading?

Does it fit the particular scene or chapter your writing, or is more of a theme for your entire WIP? 

I look forward to listening to your selections!


Happy Writing Everyone!!!!


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Lisa Gail Green said...

I normally have a playlist for each WIP, but my new one I don't have any songs for yet... I should really start looking!

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